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We worked together with Alex from the very beginning when I barely had a website and was hosting meetups in my home. This seems a distant memory now since a year ago I fully moved my business online through Skype consultations which allowed me to work, travel and the kind of freedom I never experienced working in my previous jobs.

For the last 6 months we were working towards scaling up from one-to-one client work to hosting online events. Alex was instrumental here in deciding on custom webinar translation software, configuring Google Adwords and Yandex Direct and measuring the whole thing in analytics. I was always lucky to have clients through word of mouth even before I knew what WordPress or PPC was, but never in the world would I be able to grow my business without the technical know-how Alex provided. No matter how good of a proffesional you are, without dedicated marketing savvy in technology, it’s unfeasable to expect fast growth today.

Irina Kassatenko | Founder of

Alex Monin guided our company – Capital Janitorial Service Inc. in SEO optimization to get us on the front page of Google. Alex was highly motivational and provided goals and timelines to achieve first page positioning for our website. Alex is enthusiastic about the eventual success of our work together and I highly recommend his services.

Jill Gunn | Owner, Capital Janitorial Service Inc. in Victoria, BC

I am new in business and IT part is also quite remote to me. I had to make sure that my starting point is well grounded and professionally surrounded. Now I can surely say I made the right decision choosing Monin Marketing and I look forward to continuing our collaboration.
Tanya Gorenc | Owner, Canada Custom Cookies

Owning my own practice, I quickly found that I had to work on a lot more than just selling my professional services: from optimizing my website for SEO, marketing and prospect acquisition there was just a lot to take care of. A lot of details and decisions to make that were outside my scope of expertise. Most importantly even if I could learn it myself, it took way too much valuable time and would slow down my business growth since instead I can focus on offering the absolute best service to my clients.

I am so happy I met Alex! I can’t fully express how helpful he is with my business. He has a wide-scope of diverse knowledge and skills in copywriting, website management, business strategy and marketing. What can I say, when I got TWICE the potential client calls and have more time since we started working together. Alex is awesome! I highly recommend his service if you’d like to increase your sales and feel more relaxed this is it.

Elena Muratova | Olympian and Personal Trainer in Victoria, BC

When I first started Apex Contracting [Construction Company], Alex’s marketing plan was instrumental in finding new clients. His SEO work got us on Google’s front page for my main keywords which lead to new clients that I still have to this day.

As a brand new company we were on a budget, and it was important to get the most for our buck when it came to advertising. His analytics work helped us to make a targeted plan to make sure we were getting the most for our investment. Overall, I would easily recommend Monin Marketing to any new or existing business that are looking to grow.

Sergei Zinkovskiy | Owner, Apex Contracting in Calgary, Alberta

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