Are you responsible for growing a business in Victoria, BC?

We take care of your marketing from start to finish.

Why work with us

Are you responsible for growing a business in Victoria, BC?

We take care of your marketing from start to finish.

Why work with us

Why work with us

Victoria, BC has half a dozen other marketing agencies (go ahead take a look I’ll wait.) So why are we giving them free advertising on the front page? Because we live in the world of transparency. 

And here in Monin marketing we truly believe that honesty the best form of advertising. Here is why we humbly call our agency the best in the city. 

Thorough expertise and result driven approach

We live and breath digital marketing. I built Monin Marketing on the premise that results must speak for themselves. From my very first clients like Irina, a self-help coach who was able to transition into full time online webinars to our current clients like Elena, a 2014 Olympian and a local personal trainer, We always strive to deliver maximum value for each dollar invested.

Read their testimonials below (along with all the others) or send them an email and ask them yourself. Whether we reach your customers-to-be through Search Engine Optimization, Adwords, social media or some secret-sauce way we come up for your business, this is my passion and livelihood. This is what I do and customers always come first.

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Small size, personal attention

Bigger marketing agencies can be absolutely fantastic for some businesses. Saatchi and Saatchi created some of the most iconic advertising of the last 50 years. But if you own a small business chances are they may not be right for you. Often larger downtown agencies of 5-15 people will juggle tens if not hundreds of clients meaning you are a fraction of a fraction of their schedule.

Added on top of that they often charge high monthly maintenance fees keeping you in the dark on exactly what that money is going towards. We work with you personally 1 on 1 at each stage of your marketing from planning and execution to analytics. You’ll know exactly what your efforts are going towards and your investment will be fraction of those charged by agencies. While we handle all the technical heavy lifting you will never be in doubt about the method or the goals.

Strictly value-based business

Let me ask you a question, have you ever enquired about getting some optimization service done and were offered a “$3,000 SEO” or “Web design” package? What is that money going towards? Who measures how much time it actually takes and how effective the outcome will be?

At our agency working with many new clients has zero start costs for them. Yes, zero. We meet, we discuss your business goals, make a plan and if our collaboration makes your business money, we get paid. If you need more generic advice you can contact us for an hourly rate. Getting into marketing has never been as risk-free as it is now, schedule a free consultation.

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